Review: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Project
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Published January 30, 2013
Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Humor
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I read this book in paperback.

“‘Difficulties are inevitable,’ I said.  ‘Major projects require persistence.'” – Don pg. 97

A socially awkward, very regimented genetics professor (Don), in search of a wife, meets Rosie and embarks on a quest to find her biological father, stumbling upon various situations that push Don out of his comfort zone and into a world dominated by emotion, rather than the rational.

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Sony Pictures obtained the screen rights in April 2013.  As of October 2014, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are rumored to direct.  (source)

The Rosie Project was a delightful read.  Most books of the humorous nature tend to try too hard to be funny, in my opinion–but Graeme Simsion’s novel does it with such ease.

Told in first person, Professor Don Tillman was a riot.  Even though 75% of the book, readers were just waiting for him to realize the things we already knew, every step of the way was worth it because he was such an endearing character.  You couldn’t help but root for Don because of his genuine nature and his innate intelligence.

Typically, when judging whether or not I liked a book, I would lean towards the subjective.  Did I relate to the main character?  Do I see a little bit of myself in the way he or she made decisions?  With The Rosie Project, I did not have any of Don’s OCD tendencies and I can’t say I’m very much like him at all, but it didn’t matter because I liked him.  I understood him as a human being, outside of comparisons to myself.  The author did an excellent job in getting his readers to embrace Don whole-heartedly.

This book made me happy, like constant-smile-on-my-face happy because despite the fact that Don wasn’t your typical male lead; he was the hero in every sense.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this 2013 bestseller.  My only qualm was the ending.  I wanted more.  More from Rosie.  More from Gene and Claudia.  The conclusion was too abrupt for me.

Want to take the Aspie Quiz?  You can find it here.  (link mentioned in the paperback version of the book)

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