Review: Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

I know, I know, it’s been a while.  With the end of summer, a family friend’s wedding, a music festival in Philly, I literally had no time to write reviews, let alone read!  And I am so sorry because I’m afraid it’s not going to get better.  Football season is back and my time is even more divided because I also run a blog for the Pick’em and Fantasy leagues I commission (see: theNFL&Shiiet).  So long story short, I may not be writing reviews as often as I would like but will be posting sporadically!  Anyway, here’s a review for ya!
Hollywood Dirt

Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre
Published on September 7, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
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I read this as an ebook on my Kindle Paperwhite. 

“How much money I have is not indicative of my worth. If it was, then I would be the lesser individual on this porch.”

The worlds of a small town girl and Hollywood’s newest eligible bachelor collide when the filming of a new movie disrupts the simple life of Quincy, Georgia.

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There has been no buzz about a movie adaptation for this book.

This was one of those books that I really expected to like.  I mean, it came highly recommended from a reliable source (Maryse) and I read Sex Love Repeat and LOVED IT.  So when I finished Hollywood Dirt, I was honestly surprised.  Not because there was a plot twist (god, I wish there was one!) but because I didn’t expect it to be over, just like that.  Talk about getting blue-balled!  I felt the book was 99% build-up and then the author hits you with the ending.  No real climax, just a shit ton of…foreplay.  I wanted angst.  I wanted more character development.  I just wanted more.

There was something off with Cole and Summer’s romance.  It felt forced.  Awkward.  They didn’t have the kind of chemistry that could light my Kindle on fire (you like that pun, Amazon?).  Like the first time they had sex, I actually rolled my eyes.  And that was a lot for me because I am a total cheeseball.  But this time, it really wasn’t working.

Here are a few things I did like:

  1. BRAD DELUCA.  I love that Brad was in this book.  (He was a lead character in Alessandra Torre’s Innocence trilogy.)  It says a lot though that I was more invested in a side character than any of the protagonists.
  2. The Quincy/Coke history was very interesting.  I was kinda wishing the book was more about that.
  3. That scene with Cole and Cocky at the pet store–I literally LOL’ed at that one.

Okay, that was all the positive aspects I can think of.  Back to what I dislike.

I felt like the author tried too hard to make Summer’s past sound so elusive and when you finally find out the truth, it was also a letdown.  I wanted more from her past relationship that defined her status in Quincy and made her not want another man for years.  Even Cole’s history with his ex-wife.  I needed more.  If you’re going to make it seem like there are these two characters who are currently being defined by a past ruined relationship, I think you owe it to the readers to expand on said past and make us understand why they became the characters we’re reading about now.  Right?  

Also, that chapter where it was told in Cole’s assistant’s perspective?  So random.  It messed with the tone of the book.

Overall, Hollywood Dirt was more corny than it was romantic.  Maybe I’m getting a little tired of the “guy wants girl because she’s the only one who doesn’t seem to want him” storyline.  Cole and Summer weren’t believable enough for me and in terms of New Adult, that’s really all I want from the book.

According to the Author’s Note at the end of the book, Quincy and its seventy-six Coca-Cola millionaires exist but the town is in Florida, not Georgia.


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