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flower hatHi!  My name is Stephani Valerie and I’m a research analyst by day, avid reader by night.

My 9 to 5 takes up most of my time but when corporate America isn’t holding me down, you can usually find me with my nose in a book or dreaming of far off places.  My preferred genre is Young Adult but I’m consciously attempting to branch out of my comfort zone.

I like my music loud, my drinks strong, and my men like Chris Pratt.  Various things that rival my love for books: my Dr. Martens, The Walking Dead, bagels, and American football (who dat!).  My favorite books include Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowlingand The Reader by Bernard Schlink.

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Mel_reviewerBefore I thank Stephani for having me as an Reviewer on BOOKHEADCASE, I want to thank period 4/5 Geometry sophomore year of high school for making this friendship and collaboration possible!

My name is Mel and I work for an educational consulting firm.  My favorite genres include True Crime, Psychology, History, Adventure, and anything humorous.  Two of my favorite books are Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

When I’m not laying around with my cat, Dorian Gray, on the couch reading, I like drinking craft beers, downloading music, traveling, hanging out with my boyfriend, Todd, trying new recipes, praying Eli Manning makes contact, wearing beanies, and laughing.

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Juna_picHello, blogging world! My name is Juna-Willa. I am super thrilled that my sister, Stephani, asked me to be a reviewer on BOOKHEADCASE because, although my official job title is New York City Educator, my unofficial title is Bookworm Since Birth. Reading and talking (sometimes ranting) about books is my absolute favorite pastime.

I also love traveling, writing poetry, shopping for the latest fashion, and livin’ the hella good life in Brooklyn with the hubby and our cat, Hemingway.

When it comes to books, I’ll read pretty much anything recommended by my book club cohort, NPR’s Best Books of (insert year) and my sister, even if she and I differ in taste most of the time. I don’t have a preferred genre, however, I especially love books that convey a strong, intricate portrayal of female characters. A few of my favorite books are Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Little Women, and The English Patient.

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Derz_header AmandaHello, I’m Amanda but I go by Derz. I am currently back in school and finishing my English Lit BA then plan to acquire a Masters. I have an adoration for reading, music and a penchant for cursing. Everyday woes and overwhelming cynicism keep me on an incessant drinking binge. Due to my love of reading I also have a love/hate relationship with writing. I am a proud owner of a handful of abandoned blogs and have written a slew of unfinished novels and short stories.

I sell surfboards by day and return to my cave to feed my dog and bearded boyfriend by night. During this time is when I delve into my books. I read anything and everything although recently I have been reading more nonfiction and comic books than usual. Some of my favorite books are Mian Mian’s Candy, Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. I just finished reading Octavia Butler’s Kindred and it has become a new favorite.

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